Bangladesh is a place of beautiful lands. It is a beautiful country with its natural attractive beauties. It is the country where you can engage with the beauty of both sea and hill. There are thousands of attractive natural tourist place in Bangladesh. But, the beauty of village is more attractive.

If you want to seek happiness with no condition applied, go visit our rural areas. The way of life has always been primitive and there exist no complications. The people in our village areas live by the nature. They respect the nature. In return, they are taken cared by the nature. This is most divine transaction in the entire world. This is why you can even find the most primitive lifestyle here. People uses farming tools just like their ancestors like. They prefer manual labor and natural resources instead of heavy machinery. This is why you will be amazed when you see any farmers plowing their beloved soil with the help of macho bulls. Or even you will see the village woman making foods in ovens fueled with chopped up woods.

The village kids use the most of their life by playing various footballs, cricket, kabadi and many traditional sports. You can join them. While playing in the rain, the splash of mud will remind you how close you are being with the nature. Most of them are skillful in climbing trees. Ask them, and you will be blessed with freshly picked juicy fruits instantly. You can jump on the river or pond from the peak of a tree. You can swim through the river under the hot sun. The clean and cold water will relieve you from the boredom of life. On a calm evening at the yard of traditional village house, you can stare the clean sky where the moon and stars glaze with their fullest integrity. And that moment, you will get know true meaning of life.

The best thing you will experience and will definitely spice up of you entire vacation is the hospitality of Bangladeshi people. We treat our guest just like anyone of our family. Our smile gives them a hope to live on their wonder life and come back in this land of wonders again and again.

These are definitely not all. There are plenty of other things to do and see in the rural areas of Bangladesh. You will never get bored. And you will never fail to understand the true meaning of life. This is an experience of lifetime. Even if you return to your country, the memory will keep your soul alive and fresh.