Dhaka To Khulna By Bus

Khulna is about 333 Km away from the capital city, so usually takes 6-7 traveling hours to reach your destination. Roads are free and you will get an interesting motion picture of traditional Bangladeshi standard of living. There are Non AC, AC Economy and Executive bus services from Dhaka to Khulna, serving many private companies along with the Government BRTC bus service. So hop in one of them, they are leaving Dhaka in every half an hour, from early morning to midnight.

We also arrange bus tickets for tourists along with our tour package.

Company Name Coach Type Price (Tk)
AK Travels AC Chair Coach 550
AK Travels AC Economy 1000
Ara Paribahan Pvt. Ltd. AC Chair Coach 450
Banaful Transport AC Chair Coach 450
Dola Paribahan Ltd AC Chair Coach 340
Eagle Paribahan AC Economy 850
Eagle Paribahan Non AC 500
Ehsan Paribahan Non AC 400
Green Line AC Economy 950
Parjatak Paribahan Sonadanga Non AC 520
Parjatak Paribahan Non AC 500
Shohagh Paribahan AC Economy 1000
Shohagh Paribahan Non AC 500
Shohagh Paribahan AC Executive 1200
Sundarban Service Pvt. Ltd. Non AC 500
Soudia Paribahan Non AC 450